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June 22, 2022



  • At the top of the mountains, the expedition guards complete all the tasks at the outpost but don't approach them, if you get in their way they will not hesitate to shoot you.

  • Apart from the guards, now you can find wildlife in the mountains, the types vary depending on the mountain.


  • The new Loadout Store offers two completely new offers of loadouts behind the selection screen, you can buy them in a complete package that contains two weapons and an item or consumable.


  • After the investigation of mount Hood cave, explorers who want to delve into the depths of this cave have been given the green light, as long as you leave alive.

  • Enter mount Hood's cave and challenge the dragon to a duel in "Soul for Gold."When you start "Soul for Gold" the dragon will steal your soul and keep 100 gold coins from your inventory, if you find 2 Soul Retainers on the mountain and turn them off before the game ends, the dragon will return your soul along with your 100 gold coins plus 50 extra.


  • Play now the new game mode "Fast Forward" in which you will be 33% faster at a normal pace and 50% faster in a tactical sprint, in addition, your jump will be enhanced after the sprint and you will reach higher to reach the edges of the mountain.


  • The drop time between Drops has been decreased from 30 seconds to 20.

  • I've changed the appearance of the loadout selection menu.

  • There will now be an extra 25% chance of the "Classic Downhill" game mode being selected.

  • Now all Drops in all mountains have 100HP.

  • Boulders have been removed from Mount Hood.

  • Now you will get 10 coins for every elimination, including Wildlife and Guards.

  • Now the storm will appear after 4 minutes of the start of the match instead of 3.

  • The lighting at different times of the day has been changed to be brighter and more pleasant.


  • Fixed the error in which the player spawn in the wrong place when starting the game.

  • Fixed the error in which the player spawn in the sky at Mount Windless.

  • Fixed the error where items and weapons could not be picked up in the menu.

  • Fixed the error in which the game did not end even though all players have been eliminated.

  • Fixed the bug where players had 2 extra spawns instead of 3.

The error in which when falling under the mountain the player was not eliminated has been corrected.

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