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December 30, 2023


Welcome to Mount Saint Artemis, Just Climb: Subzero BETA is now available to play for everyone! In this post I will go through the most important things about the game that you have to know before playing.


Subzero at launch has 3 different modes to play, that will be selected randomly at the start of a match.

  • BATTLE ROYALE: One storm, 16 players, open loot boxes to get weapons and items and be the last one standing to win.

  • SUBZERO COMBAT: The mode for true climbers, your shield will decrement with every step, and be carefull with the blizzard, when it appears you will recibe damage every second and the only way to heal is to eliminate other players, survive to the storm and be the last one standing to win.

  • UNDEAD BLIZZARD: Zombies have arrived to Mount Saint Artemis, and with them the blizzard is stronger than ever, kill zombies to heal yourself, be carefull with the classic storm, and be the last one standing.

More modes will be added in upcoming updates.


New to the series, augments are now available in subzero! At the start of every match you can select one of two random augments, you will need gold coins to activate them, the most expensive ones are the better ones, so get gold!

More augments are coming in the next update!


This time, I've focused all my attention into one big mountain, it has been designed carefully to resemble past entries of the Just Climb series, but also feel fresh, with new zones to explore, and some new to come!

St. Artemis won't be the only mountain in Subzero, I plan to add more in the future!


Subzero takes what made Just Climb great, and tweaks some things to make it even better than the original, lootpool in Subzero is based in Loot Crates, similar to the orb system in the original Just Climb.

Every round a new lootpool will be selected, at launch there are 5:

  • Classic

  • Explosives

  • Close Range

  • Far Range

  • Pistols Only

Lootpools will rotate and change based on player feedback.

There are 4 types of crates distributed throughout the mountain:

  • Common: Basic weapons and items.

  • Rare: Better weapons and items.

  • Legendary: The best weapons and items, also some Mythics and Exotic weapons.

  • Drops: Movility items and basic guns.


Subzero will evolve and add new features over time, but I need your help to do it!

If you find any bug or have a suggestion, please fill the feedback form here:

or contact me in any of my socials.

There are lots of new stuff in Just Climb - Subzero, play now to see everything!

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